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They were Spiritual Fathers | Pastor John Eaton | 6/16/24
June 16, 2024

God wants us to be fathers. God wants good people to make more good people. I dont mean to diminish being an earthly father at all. But I want to challenge you today to take a step into another kind

They Loved and were Liked | Pastor John Eaton | The Acts of the Apostles | 6/9/24
June 09, 2024

One of the most important parts of Christianity is the meeting together.Being with fellow believers, growing, learning, supporting, loving one another, worshipping together, validating Gods presen

They Feared God | Pastor John Eaton | The Acts of the Apostles | 6/2/24
June 02, 2024

Walking this life together in the church, its all too easy to let our guards down and forget how serious what we are doing. Yes, God wants us to enjoy each other, to relax in His grace, but there are

They did Good Things | Pastor John Eaton | The Acts of the Apostles | 5/26/24
May 26, 2024

When life and death is on the line, you need to know God is. A genuine, true, real, experience with God.The apostles knew their lives were on the line. There werent arguments over petty differences.

They Devoted Themselves | Pastor John Eaton | The Acts of the Apostles | 5/19/24
May 19, 2024

If you want to change your life, this is the recipe. This is how.If you are tired of a bad marriage, this is how to make it good. If you struggle with sin, change your devotion.If you struggle with

Woman of Wisdom | Pastor John Eaton | Mother’s Day 2024 | 5/12/24
May 12, 2024

Your life, up to now, if you have lived, really lived; if you have tried, really tried; if you have given yourself a chance to go after something that is difficult; your life has had trouble, upsettin

Happy Birthday Church! | Pastor John Eaton | The Acts of the Apostles | 5/5/24
May 05, 2024

When Jesus left, He confirmed that the promise His Father had made would come to them, that He would send the Holy Spirit to comfort and empower His people.Gods ways are so huge, we cant even begin

Praying Like Jesus | Guest Speaker Harvey Neatherlin | 4/28/24
April 28, 2024

Have you ever thought about your prayer life? Have you ever examined it and wished that you could be better at communicating with God? Have you ever just felt like there were times when your prayers w

Which Way, God? | Pastor John Eaton | The Acts of the Apostles | 4/21/24
April 21, 2024

Gods direction in your life: do you really want it? If God were to come and take over your life and live it out exactly the way He wants to, what would that look like?What changes would He make? Wha

Give yourself over to ACTS OF GOD | Pastor John Eaton | The Acts of the Apostles | 4/14/24
April 14, 2024

God is looking for people who will take risk.God is looking for people who wont just read about adventure, but live one.God is looking for people who will take what He gave them and invest it. Do som