Mr. Podcast

Mr. Podcast

Latest Episodes

Definitive Rankings with Bodie Shallenberger
July 02, 2019

Bodie Shallenberger joins to review his first store, write two-minute Yelp reviews. Plus: We give our Definitive Rankings of every Mr. Store.

Kings Mart with John Zachary Townsend
June 25, 2019

John "Be Nimble" Townsend joins to talk shopping addiction, nutrition, and bodega aesthetics while discussing the spinoff store Kings Mart.

Mr. Lime with Danny Lempert
June 11, 2019

Danny Lempert joins to give thrifting tips, drink vinegar, and finish off the last of the "Mr." stores.

Mr. Lemon with Kalila Holt
June 04, 2019

Kalila Holt joins to promote homeostasis, eat dried mulberries, and brag about being a thief.

Mr. Avo with Tim Ruggeri
May 28, 2019

Tim Ruggeri joins to talk Mr. Avo, read text messages, and fight Harry with his bare hands.

Mr. Mango with Chris Giliberti
May 21, 2019

Chris Giliberti joins to talk Mr. Mango, enjoy AMSR, and nearly kill Harry.

Mr. Piña with Ang Ferraguto
May 14, 2019

Ang Ferraguto joins to talks about Williamsburg's Mr. Piña and eat truffle chips. Plus, a mistake.

Mr. Lime & Mr. Kiwi with Justin Linville
May 07, 2019

Justin Linville returns to discuss a FAKE STORE. That's right. Plus, everyone buys Prem a gift.

Mr. Plum with Yaari Tal
April 24, 2019

Comedian and good boy Yaari Tal stops by to visit Mr. Plum.

Mr. Coco with Blair Dawson
April 17, 2019

Blair Dawson joins to talk Mr. Coco and experiment with ASMR.