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Episode 10 - Novacane
April 10, 2019

Although we've come.. To the end of the road.. Still I can't let go.. It's unnatural... Season Finale is upon us! Episode 10 - “Novacane” wraps up Season 1. With Akeem (@dopeblue) guesting, we get into the if media is influencing same sex relationsh...

Episode 9 - Neighborhood Nip
April 03, 2019

Episode 9 dives into the senseless killing of Nipsey Hussle. Not much to say about this but just listen. RIP NIP. 

Episode 8 - New Slaves
March 27, 2019

Screaming “Free my homie Uzi till he FREE!” All that energy and much more in Trigga’s very own personal episode in the new yet unknown sub-series Big Trigga & His Little Friends. Episode 8 - New Slaves has Trey taking point, well more than just ...

Episode 7 - Headphanie
March 20, 2019

"You call her Stephanie? I call her Headphanieeeeeee!" Episode 7 - Headphanie introduces Ki with the Keys, the newest member of the Smacktalk family. She drops knowledge on the life of a stud in the wake of Kodak Blacks recent shenanigans. We also g...

Episode 6 - “ALLEGEDLY”
March 13, 2019

Welp! Robert Kelly is at it again..... ALLEGEDLY! Hang with us in the group chat during Episode 6 as we touch on the topics of Robert Kelly and his “brainwashing” super powers, Jussie and his Nigerian warriors and the Moonwalker himself Michael Jack...

Episode 5 - March Madness
March 06, 2019

WHEW! March started off with a BANG! Episode 5 - March Madness gives a small taste of what the month is set to bring. Deemed our best episode yet, Quan the Don and EL Grizzador Simmons stops by as we dive DEEP into the Future slander with a listener...

Episode 4 - Buy Back Tha Block
February 27, 2019

Black History Month has came to an end but its only right that we touch base on some topics that transpired during this glorious month. Episode 4 - "Buy Back Tha Block" dives into designer labels blatantly being disrespectful, supporting gays or Chi...

Episode 3 - The More The Merrier
February 20, 2019

They always say, the more the merrier! Whew! Lets get spicy! As 2 Live Crew sets the tone, dive in the group chat as we discuss J the Slayer's college escapades, the logistics behind threesomes and and cock blocks from heaven, just to name a few. En...

Episode 2 - "Whats Your Side?"
February 13, 2019

With Valentines Day here, we think of what the great guru Fabolous once said, "Stick with your entree and get over your sides" but is it really that simple? Enter the group chat as we hit the topics like the mindset of being a side piece, B trapped ...

Episode 1 - The "Pilot" Remastered
January 28, 2019

This is the start to a new beginning for us. The "Pilot" Remastered. Dive in with us during our first episode as we discuss top albums of 2018, mumble rap, and ridiculous NBA plays just to name a few. We hope you enjoy and get ready for more funny t...