Learning to Listen

Learning to Listen

Latest Episodes

Episode 11 - Brian, Cars and Life
March 14, 2019

Join us in our conversation with Zee's friend Brian from Pennsylvania as he heads out for a vacation to New Zealand. We talk cars and life's strange and wild journey. Look up his channel on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/RegularCars/

Episode 10 - Tattoos
March 06, 2019

Zee and Jamie talk about their recent tattoo experience. Design, intention and purpose behind the couples tattoo they just got. And Zee shares her experience with tattoos over the last 6 years.

Episode 9 - Academy Awards
February 28, 2019

Taking a change of pace Jamie and Zee share their favorite films from 2018 and how they see cinema changing going forward. Starting the podcast we share our activities from the weekend that ranged from a museum visit to a monster truck rally to going to .

Episode 6 - Therapy
February 21, 2019

Zee and Jamie discuss their experience over the years with various types of therapy and how it has helped them heal. From somatic, couples therapy, rolfing, and cuddle therapy, there is a therapy that can make an impact in your life.

Episode 7 - Vulnerability
February 14, 2019

Jamie and Zee dive into the massive personal topic of vulnerability and explore what it means to open up and share in a way that helps. Friendships and relationships can't function without it so why does it seem so hard to achieve at times? Join us on ou.

Episode 6 - Guilty Pleasures
February 07, 2019

In this episode Zee picks a topic that is of interest to her. The perception of Guilty Pleasures. And whether or not we are imposed by others to feel shame, or show pride in ourselves for celebrating our differences.

Episode 5 - Burning Man!
January 31, 2019

Enjoy our first conversation about Burning Man with our special guest Robin! We talk about the magic, wonder and possibility that is Burning Man. Join us as we dive into the 10 principles of the event and how best to participate. Stay tune for our next p.

Episode 4 - Bubble Maps!
January 24, 2019

Join us as we explore how to problem solve using a visual method called bubble mapping. This technique strengthens communication because it allows you to operate from a place of listening, problem solving and non-judgement. We've learned a lot using it a.

Episode 3 - Communication
January 03, 2019

Jamie and Zee explore the idea of what makes communication strong and successful. As well as exposes the pitfalls when you under communicate in a relationship or in life.

Episode 2 - Introvert & Extrovert
January 03, 2019

Zee and Jamie share their personal experience of learning that they are opposites and how that has affected their relationship. And how you can better communicate based on your own temperment style.