Latest Episodes

#46 Reunion
January 20, 2022

& reunite after 17 months of Both/And hiatus. In this wide-ranging conversation, they talk about what they've been up to and how their perspectives of the sensemaking/meta/liminal web have changed.

#45 Both/And Awards
September 10, 2020

& come back one more time to give awards to stand-out Both/And episodes. First, they talk about what they've been up to for the past couple of months and then get to the awards: Most Convivial, Most

#44 Q&A, Hiatus & the Future
July 22, 2020

& talk about Both/And's hiatus, the sensemaking web, podcasting as a medium, memetic mediation, local community, going 'meta', spirituality, their friendship, COVID, contemporary Vajrayana Buddism, t

#43 Embracing the Dark with Leslie Rogers
June 17, 2020

andtalk with about what led him to start the , being in a sex cult, kink & BDSM, his dark awakening, personality & identity transformation, dark desires, the difference between light & dark person

#42 The Ever-Present with Jeremy Johnson
June 04, 2020

and talk with about what led to his interest in Jean Gebser, the nebulosity of time, non-linear consciousness evolution & developmental theory, Gebser's poetic disposition & extraordinary writing s

#41 Simpol Global Action with John Bunzl
May 21, 2020

and talk with John Bunzl about why he started & how it enables global cooperation, his multi-issue approach to global issues, UN target failures, first-mover criteria, the democratic accountability

#40 Humility, Spirituality & Q&A
May 13, 2020

& talk about humility, memetic mediation, Patreon goals & perks, acting from uncertainty, embodiment & trauma/baggage, map vs territory, individual vs group development, mindfulness, compassion, non

#39 Enabling Collaboration with Richard Bartlett
May 06, 2020

andtalk with about what led to his interest in group dynamics, quarantine in Italy, local vs digital collaboration, social enterprise, metamodernism & an action-oriented critique, rivalrous dynami

#38 Nurturing Intellect with Anna Gat
April 22, 2020

andtalk with about her background & the , the structure of I.I. salons & how they're adjusting to COVID-19, uncovering our true social needs in quarantine, local vs virtual community, unifying dyn

#37 Dancing with COVID with Sarah McManus
April 09, 2020

andtalk withabout her background, her emotional & psychological experience of contracting COVID-19, her ayahuasca shamanic apprenticeship in Peru, helplessness, emotional processing, the, Buddhi