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The beginning of Something New
June 20, 2020

In this episode I just wanted to let everybody know what my goals and intentions are with this podcast and how I want to help others achieve maximum success in their personal and work lives.

ChangingNow (Trailer)
June 20, 2020

The expense of college and it’s true worth for students.
May 01, 2019

On this episode, school is for dummies. I went over how school can provide value for young students but how it could also be counterproductive. Everyone has their own path and make sure you follow the one youve made for yourself!

March 01, 2019

Myself and Chill Poet aka Doron finally did a collab! Haven’t seen my man in 2 years since highschool. By my surprise Doron hit me up on IG and wanted to collab on something special. So to recap each other about the last 2 years we spent apart we did this

who has control over your life?
February 22, 2019

TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW- CHANGE CHANGE CHANGE you can do it become who you want to be

Learn from my life experience of changing your mindset.
January 30, 2019

Don’t let others stop you and especially don’t stop yourself from achieving greatness.

Biz.Cast/- Intro I hope to inspire and motivate others to take action in their life.
January 29, 2019

Thank you guys for joining me today on this lovely episode of biz.cast. I hope to teach, motivate and inspire many great leaders to reach their full potential in life. Join me every Friday for at least 30 minutes. I will discuss a large spectrum of busine