The Green Room: Questions That Matter Most In Business

The Green Room: Questions That Matter Most In Business

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Are we asking the right questions about AI? With Sam Everington and Isabel Parker
April 22, 2024

Friend or threat? Help or hindrance? Possibilities or problems? The headlines about artificial intelligence often force us to fit the technology into one of two columns. Its going to be good or bad.

How do we fuel our future? With Alistair Dormer and Susan McDonald
March 11, 2024

Getting people to change how they do things can be hard, even if everyone agrees that things need to change. Take energy transition, for example. The case for switching to greener, more renewable sour

Do elections change anything? With Caroline Flint and Ian Stewart
February 26, 2024

Every five years, we put a cross on a piece of paper and put it in a ballot box. Its a democratic right. A civic duty. An opportunity to have a say on what matters to us in our communities. 2024 is

How do we stay safe online? With Amanda Storey and Nick Seeber
February 12, 2024

Can you imagine your life without the internet? Its a platform thats brought about enormous benefits over the years. The internet has opened up opportunities for millions of us worldwide, from bei

What are the new survival skills? With Bear Grylls and Shilpa Shah
January 29, 2024

Once we huddled around campfires, now we huddle around phone screens. Once we hunted and gathered, now theres an app for that. Once we used the stars to navigate the wild, now were in a digital

Are leaders born or made? With Jonathan Mildenhall and Tim Clayton-Ball
January 15, 2024

When we think of great leaders, influential visionaries come to mind. Pioneers in the corporate world. People who take risks, open doors and inspire others to step into their footsteps. But is the con

What comes first, vision or buy-in? With Sir Clive Woodward and Jess Dooley
November 27, 2023

Every one of us has dreams. A desire to make a difference on the things that matter to us. A vision for change, from the project were working on to our local community. Without action, a vision will

How do you get to where you want to be? With Aziza Ajak and Ben Newton
November 13, 2023

Astronaut. Dancer. Footballer. Pop star. Many of us will remember our childhood ambitions. But then life happens. We get an education. Were forced to make a choice between one route or another. Where

How do you make the most of momentum? With Baroness Karren Brady and Tim Bridge
October 30, 2023

Its hard to beat the feeling of momentum building around something you care about. That positive energy and progress towards hitting your goals and climbing to new heights is infectious. It builds co

Who's responsible for being responsible? With Mary Portas and Emily Cromwell
October 16, 2023

How do you make change happen? And not just any change. Were talking about a systemic shift towards living, working and doing business more sustainably. Does it start with us? What about the compan