Latest Episodes

Love or lust?
February 22, 2019

Love is not an emotion or an action it is a contract a holy union a sacred promise.

Just because you FEEL something is true doesn't MAKE it true.
February 12, 2019

The problem with being overly emotional and how to start to realize and correct yourself.

Relationship or relationpoop you decide.
January 29, 2019

My personal thoughts about relationships and some experiences from my past.

Don't over analyze your life!!
January 25, 2019

How being overly analytical can destroy your life.

The Truth About Maturity
January 22, 2019

Maturity • Part 1 What is maturity • Part 2 How do I become mature • Part 3 Am I being true to myself • Wrap Up and Final Thoughts

Introducing Me/ Be The Best Version of Yourself
January 14, 2019

An introduction to the Podcast and a little about my past. Thoughts on life and becoming a better you.