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S1 E5 Being White And Working At A Historically Black College
February 10, 2019

Kim Ferko describes what it’s like to be a white person working at a historically black college. She discusses some misconceptions people have about HBCs and how they came to be. Kim works in the admissions office of historically black college in Pennsylv

S1 E4 Division Two Female Athlete
February 03, 2019

Micaela McSpadden opens up about the ups and downs of being a division two female athlete. From forming unbreakable bonds with teammates, to trying to balance athletics and academics. All while not having some of the resources of a big division one school

S1 E3 Storm Chasing
January 27, 2019

Kasey Herman gives her unique perspective to storm chasing. Not only how it's done and what the risks involved are, but also some errors in the famous 1996 movie "Twister" and how it relates to real life storm chasing. Kasey has a Bachelor of Science in M

S1 E2 Life As A Flight Attendant
January 20, 2019

Sharon Ricci discusses the life of a flight attendant, much of which the passenger doesn't see. She opens up about common things people do on flights that can annoy a flight attendant, her most outrageous passenger story, and how you can MAYBE get that fr

S1 E1 Living With Cancer
January 16, 2019

Caleb Worpel discusses how being diagnosed with cancer has changed his life. Caleb was the first person to undergo Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-Cell Therapy at the Mayo Clinic. --- Support this podcast: