Pretty Relatable

Pretty Relatable

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Excuses, Excuses!
April 03, 2019

Excuse my behavior?  This week on Pretty Relatable the podcast, we discuss excuses.  What excuses do you make for yourself? What's considered inexcusable? --- Support this podcast:

Girl Code
March 06, 2019

On this weeks episode of Pretty Relatable, we discuss what makes up a good friend? What type of things we could forgive , and what are our deal-breakers! Also, how we feel about Work "Carol" bringing Raven's man lunch every day to work!  Whew Chile!

You Think I'm Cute?
February 07, 2019

  This week we discuss body image! What's beautiful to you? Ever been bullied? We are praying for Jessie Smollett!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRISSY!!! Crisis line- 800-273-8255

Brains, Beauty, Booty
January 30, 2019

 This week on Pretty Relatable we explore what stimulates your mind?, what are your beauty routines?, And how often do you have sex? Hear our naughty but thought provoking answers and more. Can You Relate? Muscle Soak- “

January 15, 2019

As we step into the new year, we're saying goodbye to all things 2018, and hello to all new adventures that await us in 2019! Reflections and Projections! R.Kelly is a creep and B2K is on their way! Support this podcast: htt