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The Tea Podcast

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Tory Lemoine, Lafayette-based Louisiana TikTok Creator
April 18, 2024

Having a love of creating videos since before social media, Tory Lemoine has had a knack for content and now that social media is booming, she has found a following on TikTok and creates Louisiana-based content with food and more. Listen in as we discuss

Jennifer Brewer & Krysten Ledet, Co-owners & Co-editors of The Scout Guide Lafayette
April 11, 2024

We are chatting with Jennifer Brewer & Krysten Ledet, co-owners & co-editors of The Scout Guide Lafayette, a collectible guide to all things Acadiana. The Scout Guide Lafayette will showcase small, locally-owned businesses, artisans, and entrepren

Phil Devey, local Entrepreneur, developer, and former professional baseball player
March 27, 2024

We are talking with Phil Devey, a native of Quebec who moved to Louisiana in the late 90s to pursue an education at UL Lafayette who later became a professional Major League Baseball player for many teams. Devey was recently inducted into the Louisiana A

Caleb Bryan, Da Cajun Critique, A Louisiana Food Reviewer
March 27, 2024

We are chatting with Da Cajun Critique (Caleb Bryan), a Louisiana Food Reviewer. He has come up recently in many peoples feeds and has helped many restaurants got some extra exposure. We are talking about that and how the page got started and where he hop

#237 - Dusty Reed, aka "The Cajun Picasso” and Festival International’s 2024 Artist
March 12, 2024

Live with Dusty Reed, aka "The Cajun Picasso and Festival Internationals 2024 ArtistWe are chatting with Dusty Reed, aka "The Cajun Picasso," and Festival Internationals local artist for 2024. Dusty is a professional artist based here

#236 - Chaz Roberts, Lafayette Attorney & Host of Law Have Mercy Podcast
March 08, 2024

Live with Chaz Roberts, Lafayette Attorney & Host of Law Have Mercy PodcastWe are chatting with Chaz Roberts, a Lafayette-based personal injury attorney and social media content creator at @chazrobertslaw. Through his podcast "Law Have Mercy!&q

#235 - Kevin Blanchard, CEO of Downtown Development Authority and Downtown Lafayette Unlimited
March 01, 2024

As an attorney and former journalist, Kevin Blanchard recently joined the Downtown Development Authority (DDA) and Downtown Lafayette Unlimited (DLU) having started on February 1st. Previously, he served as the first-ever executive director of the Lafayet

#234 - Colette Bernard, Artist & Accessories Designer
February 17, 2024

We first met Colette back in late 2019 when she was in town painting a mural. Since then, Colette has received her BFA from Pratt Institute in New York, NY where she lived for about 5 years. She moved back to Lafayette to help expand the art scene and to

#233 - The Bougie Man Bougeois (Ross Brown), Founder of Bougie Bologna
February 15, 2024

The Bougie Man Bougeois, Founder of Bougie Bologna We are talking with the Bougie Man Bourgeois, The HMIC, and the founder of Bougie Bologna(Balonee) a 100% Butthole Free product. We will get to know Ross and the company that delivers a game-changing p

#232 - Noah Brandon, CEO of Unitech Training Academy
February 02, 2024

We are talking with Noah, the CEO of Unitech Training Academy and For My Child Learning Center, about the two organizations and how they got their (website transition in progress) Find this a