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The American Criminal Justice System Needs Reform: A Christian Proposal with Matt Martens
November 30, 2023

It is comfortable and easy to remain naive and sheltered from the realities of the American criminal justice system. Hearing the stories of those whove been wrongfully held and convicted is heartbreaking. Reading the statistics is shocking. In our democr

The Grumbler’s Guide to Giving Thanks with Dustin Crowe
November 22, 2023

Do you find yourself grumbling about life, circumstances, work, stress? Are you quick to complain? Do you have an established routine of giving thanks? Do you know to whom you give thanks and why that matters? What about giving thanks in the midst of a da

Gender Roles, Church Mothers, and the Wide Open Arms of the Black Church with Khristi Adams
November 16, 2023

Debates about womens roles in the church are back in the headlines, but a lot of them leave out a large and important group of American Christians: the Black church. - Khristi Lauren Adams, author, minister, dean, and advocate.When we read these first

Cross-Cultural Adoption Takes More than Love with Brittany Salmon
November 09, 2023

Should white parents adopt children of color? Today more than 40% of adoptions are transracial, so its a conversation we need to have. November is National Adoption Month, so were talking about adoption, ethnicity, adoptee and birth mom voices, and more

New Research Reveals Troubling Inequities in Women’s Ministry: A Conversation with Jen Wilkin
November 02, 2023

A new survey of churches across the US reveals that only 17% of womens ministry leaders are in paid staff positions at their churches. Put another way, 83% of womens ministry leaders serve totally as volunteers. Additionally, only 5% of womens ministry

What is the unborn? And Other Questions to Advance the Pro-Life Movement with Scott Klusendorf
October 26, 2023

While the overturn of Roe v. Wade in 2022 was a victory for life, we have so much more work to do. Most Americans are pro-choice and lack a vision for what a truly pro-life society could look like. Pro-life advocates must get better at articulating our po

A Palestinian Brother in Christ Shares His Experience and Perspective: Pastor Marwan Aboul-Zelof
October 23, 2023

On this bonus episode of All Things we are taking time to listen to the experience of our Palestinian brother in Christ, Pastor Marwan Aboul-Zelof. He shares openly with us what its like to be a Palestinian Christian in the Middle East at this time in hi

Is it Even Possible to Love People Who Drive you Crazy? Finding Real Church Unity with Jamie Dunlop
October 19, 2023

Almost half of all Christians and pastors associate unity with agreement. Almost half of all Christians say they experience unity in their friendships, but only about one-third say they experience unity with their church family. The data bears out wha

Do You See Your Muslim Neighbor? With A. S. Ibrahim
October 12, 2023

Muslims make up about 1% of our population here in the United States. But what do most of us Americans really know about Islam in general and what do we know about our Muslim neighbors in particular? A.S. Ibrahim, professor of Islamic studies and director

The Good and Dangerous Gift of Authority with Jonathan Leeman
October 05, 2023

Research and common sense say most of us are suspicious of our authorities. The American way is to be ruggedly individual and totally autonomous. As a people, we dont like anyone meddling in our own goals and dreams and how we plan to reach them. Making