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October 20, 2020

It’s been a while since we recorded , we are back with better minds and spirts. Good gems dropped this episode just giving the real ! We are back !!!

Corona over ?
June 15, 2020

Is the corona over ? Or is it just beginning? How will it impact over all ? A lot of questions that need answers! Tune into this one ! Dope segment

Relationship talks
April 21, 2020

In this episode I brought my girlfriend on just to talk about relationships . The reason why some don’t work . The do’s and donts . Also we speak on why in a relationship it should be 50/50 and not one person doing everything. Also a special surprise in t

Is it really the corona though?
April 14, 2020

Day Who even knows of this Quarantine Bullshit. We discuss about what’s really going on behind this caronavirus . 69 is home , what will the next move Be ? When will this Epidemic be over ?!

Coronavirus or Conspiracy?
April 02, 2020

What’s really going on with this virus ? Is it a virus ? Or a distraction ? Should the NBA keep the season going ? Or start the playoffs? What’s this 5G noise going around ? Tune into this episode !

Dope conversations with good friends !
March 04, 2020

On this episode we bought on our friend and also Celebrity Executive Assistant Corrine Walker ! In this episode we talk music , record labels and music deals plus more . Tune in !!

Self Esteem
February 26, 2020

In this episode we break down self Esteem, joes gives his intake and experiences on it . How we as people can get better at it. We discuss the Wilder vs fury fight , Harvey Weinstein rape Conviction, pop smokes death plus more hope you enjoy ! We are work

Rip Kobe❤️
February 03, 2020

We are back , we decided to start going visuals to give a better view for our fans . Still going to drop audio too . Visuals coming toon . RIP KOBE WE LOVE YOU ❤️

November 09, 2019

In this episode we talk about Popeyes chicken sandwich and the tragic events that happened. A 13 year old boy is charged with double murder . Who is the real King of R and B . Why we shouldn’t let opinions mess up our everyday life

Arkansas ???
October 30, 2019

Joe has been pronouncing Arkansas wrong the whole time , power recap and sports recap , Kyrie Irving and his situation. People dont know what a person is going on but yet try to comment on it .