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i am Podcast

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i am Blessed
August 26, 2020

i am Blessed by Katie and Paula

i am Taken Care Of
August 12, 2020

i am Taken Care Of by Katie and Paula

i am Paula
August 03, 2020

Meet one of your I am Hosts! This is Paula!

i am Growing
March 11, 2020

i am Growing by Katie and Paula

i am Healing
May 23, 2019

The act of healing: becoming whole again. In thi…

i am Rested
April 24, 2019

Hey, y'all! Ever felt like you just needed some r…

i am Ready
March 13, 2019

This episode we dive into... yeah we aren't divin…

i am Heard And Seen
March 02, 2019

You are heard and seen. We hope with this episode…

i am Loved
February 14, 2019

In this episode we go deep into LOVE. We talk abo…

i am Committed
January 30, 2019

Listen to the first episode of our podcast where …