Let Me tell you a story

Let Me tell you a story

Latest Episodes

EP. 9 The Engine Revs
March 22, 2019

Car ownership for the young.

EP. 8 St. Pats Day
March 15, 2019

A journey through beer glasses and a story of pure luck, followed by a homeless woman on a bench.

EP. 7 Camping
March 05, 2019

Change your game with a camping trip.

EP.6 Deep Pockets and Blown Millions
February 22, 2019

Big dollars and lost dreams.

EP. 5 Protest from around the globe
February 17, 2019

Odd protest from around the world.

EP. 4 - V-Day Special
February 08, 2019

Failed dates, horrible traditions and a mob legend.

EP.3 museum madness
February 01, 2019

Museum madness mixed with some Bush.

EP.2 Escaping death with a pregnant forearm.
January 27, 2019

Super bugs, pregnant forearms, escaping death and  a lonely drive to work.

EP.1 NYE, Eggs & Pets.
January 18, 2019

First Episode, should be on all platforms by the end of next week.Please check out Mental Distortion as well.