Overlanding from home

Overlanding from home

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Mali Mish - Dan, Marlene, Ava, Mila & Luka ( 32 countries and counting, 12 years on the road family of 5) Dometic fridges and bunny rabbits
August 17, 2020

What a great time chatting. 12 years is no joke and they've got it down to a "T".  Hilarious random ending and well planned layout how to live simplistically yet super happy withy the right choices. The photography paints a very accurate picture how

Khaya on wheels - Martijn van Der Put (Uganda, Big Bertha, National Luna, 1986 Hilux series 1)
August 12, 2020

This was a learning curve how to live without clutter. Do we really need it - is the question? Martijn has really captured overlanding in it's amazing simplest form by giving back for his keep. Nearly lost his vehicle because of the hand break but listen

Ountravela - Victor and Olivia (Kyrgyzstan & Ladakh), no plan, spot a track and go and take local advice along the way... French explorers
July 24, 2020

I truly hope you enjoy young spirits. This couple are doing it the right way. They've already written two travel books which are informative, supportive and shows what you can expect if you follow their routes. No plans just guidelines. Be warned about th

Pavel Kunc - Podcast with Pavel Kunc from Czech Republic(Tenere 700 - 400km / day, happiest bloke ever, Humble and left his ego at home)
June 16, 2020

Great time chatting with Pavel. you'll enjoy this podcast as it offers a different inside to the general 4 wheelers we talk about. Humble is key and being stuck in Morocco it could hopefully soon allow him to get out and hit the sand dunes. He rides a Tén

Beka Malania - Podcast with Beka from Russia (Tractor tyres, all diff locks, from Saint Petersburg and does short trips only
June 05, 2020

This chat dropped my jaw a little. A real Russian that changed his vehicle so much he fitted Tractor tyres. removes snakes and frogs from his vehicle when getting bogged. Russian mapping is great and he uses a proper system to get it done and make sure th

Paul Marsh 4x4 - Navigation, Tracks4Africa, Garmin, Gaia maps, Hema maps (episode 2)
May 29, 2020

Yet another informative chat with Paul. Today we challenge in hard copy vs electronic maps. The difference between the options each app brings from Google maps, tracks4africa, maps.me and all the others. Then we touch base on vehicles Paul owned and what

Woza Africa - Nicholas & Kate. Stranded for 66 days, novice overlanders and used paper maps
May 25, 2020

This is a great young story. I say that because they set out with little and got maximum out of it. Paper maps, didn't know how to overland and got stuck in Congo for over 60 days due to the virus. One of the best connections in Africa is architecture and

Venezolano En Un Viaje - Alias Rodríguez. The worst days not bad , they're experience
May 23, 2020

Welcome to the first Podcast from Latin America. Meet Elias a well travelled, easy going, travels with his Boston terrier Kiwi and Coco type of guy. I really enjoyed this and completely in aw of the areas you've managed to get through. Forced to drive fro

Going home to Africa - Dot Bekker. Happy Zimbabwean, Learnt the overlanding wave, tar tyres and stuck in sand
May 21, 2020

I was honoured to have Dot as my first Overland from home guest. Wonderful laughs and so many stories going through each country.  "deigned" her tailor made van into areas we would believe needed 4x4 only. We are all wrong. Dot Happily took on challe

Peter Allison ~ author, guide, eco tourism
May 16, 2020

@peterallisonsafari is a legend on several levels. His knowledge and drive for #eco #tourism in #Africa needs a consistent #encore. Humor and skill are his weapons to educate his guests & clients to remember why they come to Africa. Follow the linktree li