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Toys and Tips for Raising Children With Developmental Disabilities
December 09, 2021

Play is a vital part of physical therapy for children with autism, cerebral palsy, or other developmental disabilities. Two moms and bloggers discuss raising kids with different abilities and share to

Alzheimer’s Disease: Preserving Physical Function for Quality of Life
November 11, 2021

Many of us have seen the sad, steady march of Alzheimers disease in friends or loved ones. Can people with advancing dementia benefit from physical therapy and physical activity? Learn how some sympt

Osteoporosis: A PT Shares How To Prevent It – and Build Back Bone Strength
October 14, 2021

Physical therapist Sherri Betz describes the differences between osteopenia, osteoporosis, and osteoarthritis. She also highlights the importance of strength-building exercise to prevent and improve b

Paralympic Swimmer Alyssa Gialamas Sheds Light on Living With a Disability
September 02, 2021

Paralympic swimmer Alyssa Gialamas may have seemed unlikely to become a world-class athlete when she was born with arthrogryposis, a rare condition causing rigid joints. Hard work and physical therapy

Physical Therapist Living With Long COVID: His Story and Clinical Expertise
August 12, 2021

Whats it like to have long COVID? Whats the best way to address it? A physical therapist shares his knowledge of the condition from several perspectives.

Juvenile Arthritis: A Young Adult Discusses Her Trials, and Triumphs Through Physical Therapy
July 01, 2021

Christina Iversen shares about living with juvenile arthritis and offers support and hope for others with the condition, and for parents seeking to ensure that their child experiences life to the full

Physical Therapy Can Improve or Wipe Out Many Headaches
June 03, 2021

Learn about the kinds of headaches physical therapist can treat.

Early Physical Therapy a Life Changer for Toddler After a Perinatal Stroke
May 06, 2021

A mother driven to help her infant son discovers the Early Intervention Program and fights to get him access to therapies that have helped him thrive and keep up with his peers.

A Runner Sidelined by Years of Knee and Hip Pain Recovers With Physical Therapy
April 01, 2021

Jennifer looked for and got help from medical providers. She did everything she was told to do, but nothing worked. In pain, inactive, and gaining weight, Jennifer was discouraged. Then she found help from physical therapists.

Linebacker Turned PT Hopes to Inspire Healthy Movement and Quality of Life
March 04, 2021

As a punishing linebacker for the Texas Longhorns, Robert Killebrew delivered pain. Nowadays, however, as a physical therapist hes all about relieving it.