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#234 Black Hole Blizzard
October 18, 2019

Blizzards Mess up and Fortnite's amazing marketing.

#233 Flag on the Play[Station]
October 12, 2019

The crew each discuss the feature of Sony's next-gen hardware they look forward to most before turning their eyes to the raging dumpster fire that is Blizzard's PR nightmare.

#232 Dak is Destined for Greatness
October 08, 2019

Dak and Destiny are Back

#231 Modernizing the Call of Duty
September 27, 2019

Modernizing Call of Duty

#230 Stop the Swatting
September 22, 2019

Stop Swatting

#229 Dreams Cast Into War and Exile
September 13, 2019

Dreamcast History, Apple Arcade, Gears 5 and more.

#228 A Little Direct
September 10, 2019

We talk all about the most recent direct.

#227 Whatchabeenplaying? Summer 2019 edition
September 01, 2019

Mattyp, Tony, and Drew are back and with the slow summer quietly coming to an end we have a few recommendations on some titles it may have been overlooked. Also Mattyp touches on his experience with oculus quest.

#226 Time Vs. Money
September 01, 2019

This week the crew discusses the new pricing strategies of a few popular games and possibly putting to bed the discussion of loot boxes, what are they good for?

#225 At What Cost?
August 16, 2019

This week we discuss the Game Workers Unite initiative.