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Episode 5 : Needing Nadia
October 04, 2019

In this episode we hear Nadia Igram's story. Her Great Grandfather was one of the pioneers of the oldest American Muslim Communities. She had a typical Mid-Western upbringing but noticed from a young age that she was different. This lead to a life of adv.

Episode 4 : Converting Kaitlin
September 06, 2019

This episode features the story of the podcast host, American Muslim Convert, Kaitlin. Talking about family history, people, places, and all the other things that influenced the journey to Islam. Lots of questions, critical thinking and insatiable curios.

Episode 3 : Sara
June 07, 2019

In this episode we meet with one of my great friends, Sara Jawhari. She is the daughter of Palestinian Immigrants who spent her summers in Jerusalem where her Mother, Grandmother and older siblings were born. She tells us of the loss of her brother and h.

Episode 2 : Kaighla
May 03, 2019

In Episode 2 we meet Kaighla, a survivor of Spiritual Abuse and Author of The New Muslim's Field Guide and her memoir Things That Shatter (both available on Amazon). Kaighla converted to Islam in 2009 as a single mother, listen to hear her story of survi.

Episode 1 : Asiyah
April 05, 2019

Welcome to the first episode of 3Point45! Asiyah is a Black American Muslim Woman, Wife, Mom of 2 and Entrepreneur at Coco Shea Natural Body Care           **(the voice over at 3 M is hilarious and i couldn't figure out any better way to fix that ...

3 Point 45 Trailer
January 20, 2019

According to most recent estimates by the Pew Research Center, there are 3.45 million American Muslims and counting. Although commonly painted with a broad brush, the American Muslim community is anything but monolithic. According to the ISPU, "Muslims a.