3DPOD: Insight from 3D Printing Pros

3DPOD: Insight from 3D Printing Pros

3DPOD Episode 143: Thermally Conductive Polymer 3D Printing with TCPoly CEO Matthew Smith

March 06, 2023

Matt Smith started his firm TCPoly while he was a researcher at the Georgia Institute of Technology. He parlayed this small business into manufacturing filament that is thermally, but not electrically conductive conductive. With a thermal conductivity of 6 W/m-K, TCPoly filament can be used to create structures with properties that other parts simply cannot have. TCPoly has expanded to manufacturer panels that could help keep large buildings cool.

Matt’s story is one that really illustrates how tough it is to get something really innovative going in the world of technology. It also demonstrates how, while 3D printing filament might be a good thing in itself, much better heat management for buildings could be even better.