Cocktail Therapy Hour (Previously known as 3AM Chat Podcast)

Cocktail Therapy Hour (Previously known as 3AM Chat Podcast)

Latest Episodes

Rethinking Your Friendships, Word of the Year and Vaccine Skepticism
March 12, 2022

We cover a range of subjects in the this fun conversation about rethinking your friendships, covid vaccine skepticism and more.

We're BAAACK! Covid Times and Mental Health
January 26, 2022

Bilma and Roni are back at it! After some technical difficulties and Covid setbacks the team is up and running. On this episode we discuss mental health challenges associated with Covid and the need

EP 20. We Are Poolside Asking What You Would Buy Yourself if Money Was No Object (Turn up volume)
July 19, 2020

We are poolside at Vacation Villas in Weston, FL. Email us your funny stories at Sponsored by Richardson Law Group at 305-570-2271. Find them at Find additional information about this podca

EP. 19 How Colors Affect Your Mood and Lip Thongs!
July 13, 2020

Bilma and Roni discuss how different colors can affect your mood. Somehow the conversation goes wild and ends up in the world of thongs! Lip thongs!! Bilma and Roni have the best meal ever at KC Healthy Cooking in North Miami, FL. Email us your funn

EP 18. Cocktail Therapy Hour Goes for Pizza and We Talk About Balls and Boobs! OMG
June 30, 2020

Cocktail Therapy Hour Goes for Pizza and We Talk About Balls and Boobs! OMG. Bilma walked in on her friend wearing no bra and she came to a new conclusion about their blossoming friendship. We revisit the ball hammock and enjoy a delicious lunch at Antho

Ep 17. We Take Cocktail Therapy Hour to Flanigans in North Miami, FL for Some Fun!
June 23, 2020

We venture outside of the studio for the first time and record Cocktail Therapy Hour while enjoying the brief reprieve from quarantine. We discuss a bit about the Black Lives Matter movement. We also talk about that time Bilmas Mom wanted to go back to

3am Chats are Now Our Cocktail Therapy Hours!
June 23, 2020

3AM Chats Evolved to Cocktail Therapy Hour! How we came to this conclusion and the fun surrounding it! Plus, Bilma got braces. Join us for Cocktail Therapy Hour!!!!

EP 16. Feedback from our listeners, my dad in the yard in his underwear and the lies we tell to avoid a subject!
May 27, 2020

We've gottten some awesome feedback from our listeners and it's alot of fun. We chat about how the neighbors see my dad in the yard, but always in his tighty-whitey's. We chat about the lies we tell others that last years and years. We check the Urban

EP 15. Hooter Cooters and Guilty Pleasures! This Chat Starts Kinda Crazy!
May 20, 2020

I didn't realize we were recording so I was caught talking about my hooter cooter! What are your guilty pleasures? One of mine is food! Bilma Alejandra can be reached at and Episodes for 3AM Chat Podcast post

EP 14. I'm over this quarantine and the guilt of dealing with my elderly parents!
May 13, 2020

I'm soooo over being stuck at home in this quarantine and with my elderly parents! Cha Cha and Oscar are driving me crazy but I feel guilty about making plans without them. I'm ready for a road trip! Who wants to join me?! Oh and I tell you all about