3 Minute Mysteries

3 Minute Mysteries

Latest Episodes

The plan of perfection
April 09, 2020

We move to a next season but there's a criminal yet to be caught the criminal is planning a mass terrorism act will only which Robert knows. Will he save Brownville??? Watch the episode

Screwed up
April 08, 2020

Robert interogates his 3 final suspects but didn't get to know the criminal .He gets to know about a gang in which the criminal works .Will he uproot the gang and bring justice to the victim

The blame game 2
April 08, 2020

The continues and robert is now more suspicious as Robert finds something weird in George's alibi is this a mere coincidence or in George involved in crime

Blame game part 1
April 07, 2020

Robert has got a case and George us accused of it. Robert has his friend on one hand and justice on other hand . Will he bring justice to the right man

The Mass escape 2
April 06, 2020

The search to find Paul Peterson continues with a master plan made by Edmund. Will they be able to catch Paul ?

The mass escape
March 31, 2020

After a frustrating case in Robert gets to know about a mass prison break and in which a notrious criminal escapes succesfully

Empty vaults -The conclusion
March 28, 2020

Robert now gets a clear fingerprint of Bill ashley and has his chance to prove the cruelty of Bill and avenge Alexs death

Empty vault part 3
March 28, 2020

Robert has 3main things to do first catch the criminal. Second avenge Alexs death .third to return the money to innocent people. Will he do that??

Empty vaults part2
March 27, 2020

Robert has built his own office and it has got the the first case.Will Robert really catch the criminal and will there be some sacrifices?

Empty vault part 1
March 27, 2020

Now Robert has a new case in hand but the chief of FBI is jealous of Roberts intelligence and was harsh on him .Will he fire Robert ..... Listen the story