Forwrd Thinking - Strategies For Ecommerce Leaders

Forwrd Thinking - Strategies For Ecommerce Leaders

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How to Build and Lead High-Performance Teams - Bermet Markut | Ep. 04
June 03, 2024

Is leadership age restricted?Already leading an 8-people team with 22 years, Bermet shares about her experience & what makes a good leader.We discussed: How to find great talent, and how Assessment Centers provide a great experience for candida

How to Increase Sales from Returning Customers - Thomas Grabner (Founder of Mailody) | Ep. 03
May 01, 2024

Thomas Grabner shares effective strategies that successful brands use to consistently generate more sales from returning customers.He talks about why product-market fit matters more than most metrics in ecommerce. Thomas also explains how to use educati

How To Sell On WhatsApp - Johannes Mansbart (Founder of Chatarmin) | Ep. 02
May 01, 2024

Johannes Mansbart shares how WhatsApp transforms customer service into a revenue generator in ecommerce, how to nurture clients and increase CLVfrom personalized marketing to operational efficiencyand why its fundamental for ecommerce brands.Key Take

Master Your Subscription Offers - Matthew Holman (The Subscription Doc) | Ep. 01
April 30, 2024

Matthew Holman shares from 5 years of experience helping ecommerce businesses master subscriptions, increase profitability & maximizing lifetime value.He explains why subscriptions are not just a revenue model but also a way to generate more of your