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Positive Energy Part 1: From Small Town to Global Impact 
June 12, 2024

Shia and Kennedy talk with energy leader Mike Howard about his journey to the industry and his passion for transforming communities with affordable, abundant energy. The BEN Show is proudly sponsored

Trading places with Joe Batir at OTC | Ep 13
June 04, 2024

Shia and Kennedy are guests on Joe Batirs Energy Transition Solutions show. They talk about why they care about energy and what theyve learned since starting The BEN Show. Recorded at the Offshore T

The reality of Gen Z’s thoughts of Oil and Gas | Ep 12
May 28, 2024

Listen as we discuss the thoughts of the next generation about oil and gas. Some of them might surpriseyou or its just what youve been thinking. The link we used will be down below so make sureyo

We’re live at OTC with Haley from the BEN video | Ep 11
May 14, 2024

This one is even better on video: Shia and Kennedy bring you this episode from the OGGN podcast booth at Houstons Offshore Technology Conference. Special guest Haley Hube

Fueling the Future Part 2 | Ep 10
May 08, 2024

Hey yall! Welcome back to the BEN Show! In this episode, we are continuing from the last one about different renewable energy sources. Make sure you leave us a review with the link below and tell us

Fueling the Future: Alternative Energy Sources Explained | Ep 9
April 30, 2024

Hey yall! Tune in as we discuss some of the different renewable energy sources with a little bit of antics as well! Make sure you watch out for multiple episodes about this, and make sure you check o

The Invisible Pipeline: How Oil Gets From Point A to Point B | Ep 8
April 23, 2024

Ever wondered how that gas gets to your pump, or that oil reaches the refinery? The answer lies in a hidden world beneath our feet a complex network of pipelines. In this episode, we delve deep (wel

The Global Gas Game: How LNG Fuels the World | Ep 7
April 16, 2024

Listen as we discuss Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), its transportation processes, and its role in the global energy market. We will explain the differencebetween LNG and LPG while also making some joke

Part Two: Energy, Innovation and Optimism with Mark P. Mills | Ep 6
April 09, 2024

Shia and Kennedy continue their conversation with renowned speaker and author Mark P. Mills. Marks shares his views on innovation in the energy industry and why he thinks live will get better for all

Energy, Innovation and Optimism: Conversation with Mark P. Mills, Part One | Ep 5
March 31, 2024

The BEN Show is honored to welcome renowned speaker and author Mark P. Mills. Get Marks take on energy and technology in our modern worldand why he maintains his optimism about the future (in spite