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83. Do Carbs Really Have a Dark Side?
May 15, 2024

Ever found yourself questioning the true impact of carbohydrates on your health, or weight gain? Do you blame carbs and feel that you are addicted to them? In this episode I help to debunk some of the biggest myths around carbs, the questions that I get a

82. Here's What to Love About Carbs
May 07, 2024

(This is part 1 of my podcast series on carbs!)Ever feel like carbohydrates are the dietary villain you just can't escape? Let me shatter the myths and shine a light on the truth about these vital nutrients in our latest Real Food Stories podcast episode.

The Thing About Protein in Midlife
April 29, 2024

Why are we so confused about protein? How much, when, where, the types of protein are questions that leave us baffled. This episode strips down the jargon of nutrition to its bare bones, offering a way out of diet myths. As we age, our bodies don't just c

80. Overcoming Chronic Pain with Pilates and Mindful Movement
April 24, 2024

Dana Karen Ciccone is the founder of Movement Remedies, a Boston-based pilates studio, and the author of the book You Were Meant to Move. In our interview, Dana Karen shares her beginnings of the intertwining of chronic pain with the complex world of diet

79. How To Start A Garden Wherever You Live
April 16, 2024

Greg Peterson, the owner of Urban Farm, talks to me about getting started in gardening, and the season is now! The simple act of growing your own vegetables, herbs and fruit is not only a benefit to your own nourishment, it is a benefit to the planet and

78. Transformational Tips From a Woman Who Has Maintained a 100 Pound Weight Loss
April 09, 2024

Coming from a place of unseen anxiety and depression, weight loss coach Megan Gaul used small-habit change and the help of cognitive behavioral therapy to build a new relationship with food. She lost 100 lbs over 1 year, and the bulk of her growth has bee

77. Unveiling the Menopause Mystery with Dr. Michelle Harden and Nutritionist Katie Clayton
March 26, 2024

There is little doubt that midlife and menopause bring along with it a lot of confusion and mystery. Take a listen today as Dr. Harden, Katie Clayton and I navigate through some of the big twists and turns of women's health. Dr. Michelle Harden, an OB/GYN

76. How to Fix Your Sleep with Dr. Bijoy John
March 15, 2024

Dr. Bijoy John, a sleep specialist, joins us for a thought-provoking session that might just be the key to unlocking the rest you've been yearning for. Through Dr. John's expertise and personal narrative, we veer into the intricacies of sleep and its prof

75. Spring Ahead with Midlife Healthy Eating and The Spring Reset!
March 11, 2024

Break free from the winter blues and find joy in a plate full of vibrant, seasonal goodness. That's exactly what awaits you with my Spring Healthy Eating Reset, tailored for women in the prime of midlife. Starting April 5th, 2024, I invite you on this exc

74. Discovering Mushroom Therapy with Microdose Coach Bijou Finney
March 06, 2024

Are you mushroom-curious? "Magic mushrooms" are the new medical marijuana and there is a lot of mystery and unanswered questions surrounding them. Tune in to discover the transformative powers of mushroom therapy from Bijou Finney, a microdose coach, to t