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No.33 - All Political Plans Lead to Slavery
May 04, 2023

If your society chooses and relies on politically planned solutions to any problem that may arise, those planned “solutions” will eventually, because they must, lead directly to slavery. There are no exceptions. Join us in this episode of The Rational App

No.32 - A New Product Called Freedom
February 20, 2023

If we confront tyranny, we will attain freedom. Isn't that the way we've always understood it to work? But does it work or is there always another tyrant ready to take the place of the last? But what will work? What will bring about Freedom? You don't wan

No.31 - From Fare-Thee-Well to Welfare-State
February 10, 2023

It is thought that past human civilizations became unstable and failed for different reasons, too little money, too much expansion, internal corruption, etc. But, at the very core of every past civ were two primary flaws, common to them all, that made ins

No.30 - The Theft-O-Matic 9000
January 31, 2023

So, your society has determined that one of its morally acting citizens is doing something unacceptable. But what can you do about it? You have two options: leave the moral actor alone or… Subscribe to the Podcast at Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or wherever

No.29 - Slavery’s Path to Obsolescence
January 23, 2023

Is it possible to obsolete theft and slavery? What law of nature would have to be broken for each and every person to retain control over the derivatives of their lives? Well, none. And what would it look like if you had complete control over yourself and

No.28 - Work or Starve
January 13, 2023

Throughout history, the producers of property have been burdened with “common sense” counter-arguments like “but what about the guy who’s old, unable, or unwilling? You can’t just let him starve!” But what is the origin of such common sense? Could the ori

No.27 - The Tale of Robinson & Crusoe
December 13, 2022

This is the story of two men, one Robinson and the other Crusoe, who find themselves shipwrecked on an island, way out in the middle of the North Atlantic. It’s a story about survival, innovation, and responsibility—but the ending to this story is left up

No.26 - Questioning "The Science" IS Science
December 05, 2022

Has the Scientific Method failed or is it doing precisely what it is best at doing: proving and pointing out that what is being done now, especially in the medical arts, is precisely NOT science. But the success of the Scientific Method is precisely why w

No.25 - Then (and Only Then) Will There Be Freedom
November 18, 2022

What is the common usage for the word impossible? When most people say that something is impossible what they really mean is that they don’t know how to do it, they can’t figure it out, and neither can they imagine that anyone else can figure it out eithe

No.24 - My Morality Can Beat Up Your Morality
November 11, 2022

It is not possible to determine that one man’s moral actions are more or less moral than another man’s moral actions. Actions are either moral or they are not. Morality is a black or white concept; there are no degrees of morality. A moral action is any a