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Episode 15. Hiring
September 30, 2022

On todays episode we are talking about how to hire your first employees. Mark and justing both talk about their own business and the struggles they have had with hiring and finding good employees.

Episode 16. Don't be an A-Hole
September 15, 2022

Mark and Justin talk about why they believe it’s important to treat you employees with respect. They hit on why not being an A hole is key to your business.

Episode 14. Audience
September 15, 2022

Justin And Mark talk about how to build your audience. They hit on Youtube and how to use that with your own business. They also discuss how to create videos effectively and run ads to build awareness. They talk more about Facebook groups and how that has

Episode 13. Failures
September 14, 2022

Mark and Justin hit on a few of the person failures during their lives. They also talk about ways they over came those failures. They also share how they think the lessons of failing is a great way to grow your business

Episode 12. Side Hustle
September 14, 2022

On today's episode of the Landing Space Podcast, we talked about side hustles. Justin and Mark have both started many different businesses. Justin hits on a company he started when he was younger and then talks about his Bounce House business, which is cu

Episode 11. Recession And Your Business
July 31, 2022

Well, its official! We now in a recession! In this episode we discuss ways to still continue to bring success to your business during a recession. What to cut back and what not to cut back on!

Episode. 10 Video Marketing
July 22, 2022

Today we are talking about video marketing. We are sharing what we believe you can do to be more successful with Video, and help make you videos stand out.

Episode 9. How to start your business
June 21, 2022

In Episode 9, we talk about how we think you can go about starting your own business. 1

Episode 8. Why we started our businesses
June 16, 2022

Today on the Landing space podcast we are talking about why we decided to start our business. We dive deep into what events happened around us, and pushed us to make the jump to entrepreneurship.

Episode 7 - We lost a client
June 07, 2022

On todays episode of The Landing Space Podcast with your host Mark Sanchez and Justin Carlin they talk about losing clients and how to react if you do lose a client.