Robert Henry Rants Podcast

Robert Henry Rants Podcast

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Ep. 66: Meagan Hall won
April 05, 2024

Robert Henry rants about Meagan winning her " grooming " case, Sasha Grey at 36, and Miley Cyrus' ugly needing to go. --- Support this podcast:

Ep. 65: Elon Musk & Perverted Productivity
March 15, 2024

Robert Henry rants about Elon Musk, alternative weight loss for fatties, and Jerry Sandusky. --- Support this podcast:

Ep. 64: I'm Done With Popeyes Chicken
March 01, 2024

Robert Henry rants about being done with Popeyes chicken, Katt Williams on JRE , and crowdwork vs podcasts. --- Support this podcast:

Ep. 63: Being Agreeable Won't Make The World Change
February 23, 2024

Robert Henry rants about self righteous online creators, Subway cookies, and a possible child abuse incident. --- Support this podcast:

Ep. 62: Alec Baldwin & The Firing Squad
January 26, 2024

Robert Henry rants about Alec Baldwin indictment, stupid comments online, tired airport comedy bits and a video experiment. --- Support this podcast:

Ep. 61: Jussie Smollet's newest band member: Roda Osman
January 19, 2024

Robert Henry rants about Roda Osman, Elizabeth Holmes, and plagiarism. --- Support this podcast:

Ep. 60: Parallel Stealing
January 12, 2024

Robert Henry rants about Katt Williams recent interview, Jonathan Majors, and his own lack of drug use. --- Support this podcast:

Ep. 59: Lie Your Way To The Top
January 05, 2024

Robert Henry rants about Claudine Gay, a black Footed cat, and new years goals. --- Support this podcast:

The Best Of Robert Henry Rants: 2023
December 31, 2023

In this best of episode, Robert Henry rants about Megan Hall, Elizabeth Holmes, apple products, the Dodo bird, the R word, East Palestine, a 6 year old school shooter, the Nashville shooting, McDonald's food, getting away from other fat people, the death

Ep. 58: The Best Is Yet To Come
December 29, 2023

Robert Henry rants about Joe Rogan, true crime, and new years. --- Support this podcast: