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Leave A Message with Ally & G

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11 - Eyes & Flaps They're On The Loose!
May 14, 2024

It might be another week but this isn't your normal episode of Leave A Message... OK, well in many ways it is, but this week we have a story about Alesha Dixon offering Ally a tampon so we're moving u

10 - Getting It Off Our Chest: A Mixed Bag of Dilemmas
May 07, 2024

We're back with a pick and mix of submissions from the Gallies... and it is a particularly juicy episode of Leave A Message! From a wine night amongst friends gone wrong through to remembering nothing

9 - Who's Your Daddy? Long Lost Siblings & Unexpected DMs
April 30, 2024

Looking for some new friends? What about... some new siblings? This week on Leave A Message, Ally & G have some of the wildest relationship dilemmas this podcast has ever seen - our gobs are still sma

8 - Is It Love Or Delusion? Romance Lives On!
April 23, 2024

Love in the 21st century is... well, it's not looking good bruv. This week Ally & G are diving into the inbox to answer your relationship dilemmas, and Ally reveals everything she has learnt from her

7 - Drama At Work! Stirring The Pot & Ratting Out The Boss
April 16, 2024

It's drama at the workplace (sing in the tune of Murder on The Dancefloor) but you better not kill the groove! The Gallies have shown up in their power suits and delivered stories of orifices in offic

6 - One Night Stands: You're Coming Home With Me!
April 09, 2024

Following some recent... market research... this week's episode of Leave A Message is all about one night stands! Ally & G have opened up the inbox to the Gallies sleepover/sleep-under stories and the

5 - Clearing The Inbox: The Gallies Have Gone Off Piste!
April 02, 2024

We're clearing out the inbox and answering all of the Gallies miscellaneous questions, queries, concerns and customer service requests. It's Leave A Message off piste!

4 - Holiday Fails: Easy Jet Vouchers & A Dream
March 27, 2024

Ally & G have lost their holiday virginity together in Barcelona... so they want to know your holiday nightmares on this weeks episode of Leave A Message! Have you ever gotten locked in the toilets in

3 - Stick or Twist: Lessons in Love, Lies & Couple Accounts
March 20, 2024

We're getting in our feels this week as Ally & G are diving into your relationship dilemmas to help you spot the difference between Mr Right and Mr Wrong Un (featuring the inside track on Ally's boyfr

2 - First Date 101: Scan The Area, Where's The Toilet?
March 13, 2024

Have you ever gone to the toilet on a first date and... gotten more than you bargained for?! On this weeks episode of Leave A Message, Ally & G are revealing your extreme dating dilemmas and helping y