Hey Babe, Can We Talk? with Drea Renee

Hey Babe, Can We Talk? with Drea Renee

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4. Are you REALLY Ready for an Emotionally Available Partner? With Drew Yacu
May 08, 2024

Exploring the Foundations of an Emotionally Connected Relationship.

3. Is Your Relationship Healthy?: Ask yourself These Five Questions!
April 24, 2024

Cultivating a Healthy Relationship Mindset

2. Rules of Dating: Do We Follow Them?
April 10, 2024

Giving Light to Modern Relationship Dynamics: Being Truthful, Attraction, and Personal Growth

1. RED FLAGS - 5 Reasons They Draw Us In
March 27, 2024

In this episode of Hey Babe, Can We Talk? Drea delves into the intriguing phenomenon of the last few years of why people are drawn to red flags in relationships and explores the allure behind them.

Hey Babe, Can We Talk? - Trailer
March 25, 2024

Welcome to "Hey Babe, Can We Talk?" the go to podcast for the Hot Mess Expresses, the Black Sheeps of Love, and those navigating the ups and downs in matters of the heart. I'm your bestie Drea Renee,

OPEN LATE 136. The Importance of Why To Focus On YOU and a NEW Journey for Drea!
February 28, 2024

In this Episode of Open Late, Drea discusses the importance of focusing on oneself and provides tips on how to do so. She emphasizes that self-focus is necessary for personal growth and improving rela

OPEN LATE 135. Motherhood and Being Poly with Jessica Esfandiary
February 21, 2024

In this Episode of Open Late, Drea reconnects with Jessica, the creator of the podcast! Jessica talks about her journey as a mother and the challenges and joys she has experienced. They also discuss t

OPEN LATE 134. The Importance of Taking Responsibility for Your Part
February 14, 2024

In this Open Late Quickie, Drea discusses the importance of taking responsibility for one's part in various situations. She emphasizes the need to look at how we show up and what we do in situations t

OPEN LATE 133. Why To Move On Without Closure
February 07, 2024

In this episode, Drea discusses the importance of leaving closed doors closed and not obsessing over why they were closed. She emphasizes the need for closure and the desire to know why things happen.

OPEN LATE 132. How to Unlock Your Growth and Success with Cassandra House
January 31, 2024

In this Episode of Open Late, Drea interviews Cassandra House, a transformational coach that helps people Monetize Your Genius, about balancing a career and a marriage. They discuss the challenges the