King of Hearts by Chiara King

King of Hearts by Chiara King

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13 - Nawal Mustafa on Secure Relationships & Working On Yourself
May 15, 2024

Knowing yourself is a critical step on the way to forming meaningful, healthy relationships, and this weeks guest is an expert in the ingredients for planning a healthy future.

12 - Recovering From A Break-Up & Burn-Out
May 08, 2024

Breaking up can be hard and intense, and so this week on King of Hearts, Chiara is talking about the retreat she went on in Mexico to help her recover from burn-out and the personal trauma she felt fr

11 - Jillian Turecki on Break-Ups & Leading With Compassion
May 01, 2024

On this week's episode of King of Hearts we're joined by a legend of love, relationships... and podcasts! Chiara is joined by Jillian Turecki, a relationship coach who has devoted her life to helping

10 - The Break-Up Episode: When Love Doesn't Work Out
April 24, 2024

It's the episode that everyone hoped would never happen... on this weeks episode of King of Hearts, Chiara reveals her break-up. From the challenging reality of long-distance to her experience on a re

9 - Victoria Rusnac on Intimacy, Love & Sex O'Clock
April 17, 2024

On this week's episode of King of Hearts is all about intimacy, love and... Sex O'Clock. Chiara is joined by intimacy expert Victoria Rusnac for an educational delight. Chiara and Victoria discuss lov

8 - Gaston Griendl on Non Negotiables & A Boys Perspective
April 10, 2024

This week it's all about a boys perspective on King of Hearts! Music producer/Chiara's close friend Gaston Griendl is on the podcast for an episode that gives a true insight into what's happening on t

7 - Max Balegde & Andrew Spann on First Dates In The Closet & Moving In
March 27, 2024

Content creating power couple Max Balegde and Andrew Spann join Chiara King this week on King of Hearts. Max and Andrew are two of the internet's biggest creators and have been navigating their indivi

6 - Michelle Elman on Offline Relationships & Being A Selfish Romantic
March 20, 2024

Best-selling author and five-board accredited life coach Michelle Elman joins Chiara King this week on King of Hearts. Michelle is known as the "Queen of Boundaries" and she's cutting through it all t

5 - These Men Are Causing Chaos! More Dating Horror Stories
March 13, 2024

After the huge response to last week's Dating Horror Stories, this week on King of Hearts Chiara is back to unpack more of your listener-submitted disastrous dating stories! From pathological liars to

4 - Unpacking Your Dating Horror Stories
March 06, 2024

This week on King of Hearts, Chiara is diving into her inbox and unpacking your listener-submitting dating horror stories! What should you do if seeing you on your birthday is 'too emotional' for your