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#11 Cody Olive
March 31, 2023

#10 Josh Zuniga - Pest Control and Being a Good Leader
March 02, 2023

Josh Zuniga, owner of Zunex Pest control and winner of the Golden Door award shares his experience in the D2D industry and the importance of being a good leader to your reps

#9 Spencer Christensen - Owner of Homegrid and the Future of Batteries in Homes
February 23, 2023

Spencer is the owner of Homegrid, an energy storage systems are comprised of Tier 1 prismatic cells which makes it easy to stand by our 10-year, 4000 cycle, non pro-rated warranty. Our modular packages for homes and businesses make it easy to cater power

#7 Cory Clark - Mental Health in D2D
August 18, 2022

Mental health in D2D is covered up by excessive meds and energy drinks but Cory Clark, "The Sales Therapist", helps us understand how to resolve and improve reps mental health.

#6 Nick Salazar - Roofing and Solar Working Together
August 11, 2022

A lot of solar dealers and reps have a hard time finding roofing companies to work with and this is changing. Nick Salazar, CEO of Notorious Roofing is on a mission to bridge this gap. He shares his

#5 Brady Slack-The D2D Tax Expert
August 04, 2022

Taxes are a taboo subject for most people but Brady Slack, Owner of High Country Finance, is able to break it down into easy to understand pieces.

#4 Tyson Koehler-How Reps and Companies Can Close More Customers With Wype.io
July 13, 2022

Are you walking away from failed credit deals? During this episode I chat with Tyson Koehler, CEO of Wype.io, about how reps and companies can close more customers. He walks us through so many applic

#3 Joe Jordan: The Best Way to Train Your Reps
June 16, 2022

Joe Jordan goes over his tech company and how it is revolutionizing the way managers can train their reps by saving them both time and money on the doors.

Kota Ivers: Making Decisions for Phases of Your Life and Problems in the Solar Industry
May 05, 2022

A quick discussion into the ethical problems in the solar industry and a look into the life and businesses of Kota Ivers. An incredible outlook on how to make decisions and how to act on them.