The Worst There Was: The Bottom of the Wrestling Barrel

The Worst There Was: The Bottom of the Wrestling Barrel

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WWE Summerslam, August 20th 2006
May 09, 2024

Send us a Text Message.Season 2 takes a quick detour into WWE proper, and it's a decision that we now greatly regret. Who's ready for the biggest funeral of the summer?(Episode recorded March 2024)Linktree - - http://w

ECW on Sci-Fi #9&10, August 8th & August 15th 2006
April 18, 2024

Send us a Text Message.This is a very silly episode. Frankly, finding anything funny in this continuous dross is great luck in itself. You won't believe this, but we get some bad squash matches, low-quality vignettes and bad Tommy Dreamer segments!(Episod

First Video Episode Released!
April 10, 2024

Send us a Text Message.Hello!Our very first video episode, which is the first part of Hunk Hunt with Heather, is available now on YouTube. You can get it here: it's the first, we would greatly appreciate any li

ECW on Sci-Fi #7&8, July 25th and August 1st 2006
March 28, 2024

Send us a Text Message.It's Groundhog Day all over again, as Kelly strips, Kevin Thorn gurns, and The Big Show defends his title against some very un-ECW challengers. It's all happening!(Episode recorded March 2024)Linktree -

ECW on Sci-Fi #5&6, July 11th & 18th 2006
March 07, 2024

Send us a Text Message.The Big Show Era of WWECW begins, and WWE has picked the perfect first challengers for his title. I mean, when you think ECW, you think Ric Flair and The Undertaker, don't you?(Episode recorded March 2024)Linktree - http://www.linkt

ECW on Sci-Fi #3&4, June 27th & July 4th 2006
February 15, 2024

Send us a Text Message.Okay, there's no denying that ECW on Sci-Fi got off to a rocky start, but things have to get better from here, right?...that's the title match you've booked? Really, WWE? You're killing us here.(Episode recorded January 2024)Linktre

ECW on Sci-Fi #1&2, June 13th & June 20th 2006
January 25, 2024

Send us a Text Message.It's time to get into the meat of the season, and it turns out Alan needn't have worried about Ronan liking it. What fresh hell is this? Time to dive in to some tepid tepid action!(Episode recorded January 2024)Linktree - http://www

ECW One Night Stand, June 11th 2006
January 04, 2024

Send us a Text Message.It's the final stop before the true beginning of WWECW, and you know what, it's not half bad! Does that bode well for the future of the ECW brand? Well, hindsight being what it is, absolutely not.(Episode recorded November 2023)Link

EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS EPISODE - The Stupid Sexy Podcast, "My Sister My Sitter"
December 29, 2023

Send us a Text Message.Hope you're all having a good Christmas!As a little treat for the weird in-between days, here's Ronan guesting on Alan's other podcast, "The Stupid Sexy Podcast" (think TWTW but for the bad years of The Simpsons), which he hosts alo

WWE vs ECW: Head-to-Head, June 7th 2006
December 14, 2023

Send us a Text Message.We're just a few days away from One Night Stand 2006, but first there's got to be this slightly weird TV special! Lots of ECW chanting ahead, although sadly it's more from the wrestlers than the fans. Plus a Big Show swerve on the h