Making Money Matter

Making Money Matter

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Ep 69: Toxic Charity
February 01, 2024

This episode our hosts take us through how people who depend on us can sometimes become toxic charities are and what these look like. Exploring the delicate balance between giving and its unintended consequences. Join our hosts as they explore the impact

EP 68: Guilt
January 25, 2024

In todays episode join Julie and Jodi as they delve into the tough topic of guilt. Todays episode focuses on how guilt is "a wasted emotion" delving into its impact on our lives, particularly in the realm of finances. Join us as we unravel complexities of

EP 67: Enabling Spending
January 18, 2024

Join us this episode as we discuss the transformative journey towards financial freedom, emphasizing the pivotal role of changing habits to enable mindful spending.Our hosts will walk us through the path to smart financial decisions, breaking free from r

EP 66: Rates
January 11, 2024

In this episode, our hosts talk about the dynamic world of rate markets. In this episode we talk about navigating the chalenges, mitigating uncertainties, and overcoming rate anxiety. Whether you're a seasoned investor or a newcomer to the rate strategies

EP 65: Parenting 101
January 04, 2024

Get ready for a crash course in Parenting 101. In this episode, the hosts discuss the balance of celebrating life's milestones with a focus on graduation, navigating the world of youth sports, and mastering the art of thoughtful presents. Join us as we ex

EP 64: Back To School
December 28, 2023

This episode is all about going back to school. In this episode join Julie and Jodi as they talk about high school and the allure of immediate gratification, "Keeping up with the Jonses", and birthday parties! This episode tackles the threads of consumer

EP 63: Emotions Around Money
December 21, 2023

Join us today as we deal with emotions around money. The intricate dance around perception and planning, the motivations that fuel financial success, and how attitudes shape our monetary journey.This episode will guide you through the emotional landscape

EP 62: Impact Relationships
December 14, 2023

Our relationship with money can be intricate, shaping our behaviors and impacting our lives in profound ways. In this episode Julie Leduc talks about the complex world of financial psychology, our money related behaviors and the circumstances that influen

EP 61: Trend Setting
December 07, 2023

In this inspiring episode, Julie Leduc explores the art of setting transformative trends in your life to pave the way for future success. Discover the strategies and mindset shifts that will empower you to set trends in your life and chart a course toward

EP 60: Chaos and Work Ethic
November 30, 2023

Join Julie Leduc in this thought provoking episode as she tackles the subject of self destructive behavior focusing on the role of pride and its impact on our financial lives.Delve into the aspects of our behavior and learn practical methods to initiate p