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[EP14] You Can Run From Your Past But The Past Is Quicker And Always Catches Up | Charlie Smith
August 29, 2023

From developing commercial real estate properties to developing humans; Charlie Smith has had and continues to lead an incredible life. His story is filled with darkness, pain, beauty and inspiration. As a keynote speaker and coach today, Charlie has look

[EP13] How To Have The Fortitude To Stand By What You Believe In, Risking It All And Gaining Everything
June 21, 2023

This episode is the most meaningful episode to date that has been recorded as it is with my very own flesh and blood, my brother Matt Prince. Matt joined the Navy straight out of University, a few years later the Army and was deployed to Afghanistan for 6

[EP12] Do Psychedelics Work As A Medicine To Connect To Self, The Divine & Spirit? | Eric Sheremeta
January 19, 2023

On this episode of The Conscious Creator Podcast, Mike bring’s on a good Family friend Eric Sheremeta. Eric is an old soul who has found a new path in life through connection with self and the use of various “drugs” as medicine to connect with his higher

[EP11] The Importance Of Mental Health And How We Can All Make Change When We Support Each Other | Friends of Felix
September 15, 2022

Austin Penrose & Mahlon Head have started a brand surrounding mental health initially called “Happy Dude” and through some entrepreneurial learnings have now had a name shift and called “Friends of Felix”. These two friends bonded in a time of need wh

[EP10] Can You Find Abundance In All Aspects Of Your Life? (Relationship, Work, Kids, Etc) | Trevor Turnbull
September 08, 2022

Trevor Turnbull and Mike Prince (The Conscious Creator) have been neighbors for the last two years. In this episode they recap a lot of what they have learned in that time in their relationships with one another, with their spouses, kids and work-life. If

[EP9] “If I Can” (A Man Born With No Arms Or Legs), So Can YOU! | Chris Koch
August 31, 2022

Chris Koch is an inspirational speaker, a philanthropist, a damn good uncle, a true born farmer and has a zest for life that most desire for their entire lives. Being born with no arms and no legs, this did not slow him down and he shares why with the way

EP8 Surf, Sun and Coffee Enemas!?!? The Journey Of Illness To Enlightenment - Jake Heilbrunn
August 26, 2022

Jake Heilbrunn is wise beyond his years. In this episode we talk about our personal journey’s/challenges with Lyme disease and the many lessons we have learned along the way (Including how to do a coffee enema, lol. Yes, it is what you think it is). How a

[EP7] How You Can Actually Slow Down To Be More Productive | Mike Prince
August 18, 2022

In this solo-episode Mike Prince explores the concept of “Busy”. The pride some of us hold with filling our lives full of “things to do” and how it ultimately doesn’t serve us. If we truly want to create more space in our lives we must first start by asse

[EP6] How Do You Know When It’s Time To Leave It All Behind & Step Into Your Truth? | Cam MacDougall
August 12, 2022

Cam Macdougall started his journey in his teenage years feeling broken and labeled by society. This led him to running with the wrong crowd and eventually having what he can only describe as a “divine intervention” moment that shifted the course of his li

[EP5] The Modern Day Path To Enlightenment | Danielle Grant
August 03, 2022

Danielle Grant is such a special human. She is truly a divine being on earth. In this episode she talks about how her journey began when she was only 14 years old and contemplated suicide. Ending up in the Psych ward she had an enlightening moment while l