Brothers Of The Dram

Brothers Of The Dram

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Costco Whiskey Facts You Might Not Know
May 17, 2024

On this episode the Brothers talk about Costco's Kirkland whiskey. There is much more to it than you'd think. If you have a Costco membership and have been skipping on Kirkland brand, you might be missing out on something amazing. Also, in some p

Shoot the shit episode: Starwars, Nick Offerman new scotch and more
May 10, 2024

A.J. is BAAACK! On this episode the Brothers are back and they come with some laughs and of course, trash talking. They recap on their May the 4th of what whiskey they enjoyed. Nick Offerman's new bottle with Lagavulin and a question for their listen

May The 4th Be With You - Nerdy Whiskey And Accessories
May 03, 2024

On this episode Eric is on a "Han Solo" mission. Fuel up the Millennium Falcon because this episode is going to a galaxy far far away. Eric talks about nerdy/geeky whiskey accessories as well as whiskey. Pour yourself a dram and enjoy. Eric -

Whiskey Review: Old Fitzgerald 14yr Bottled In Bond
April 26, 2024

On this episode the Brothers sip and review Old Fitzgerald 14 year Bottled In Bond bourbon. If you're a fan of whiskey we are sure you've heard of "Old Fitz" before. Does the whiskey live up to the hype? Pour yourself a dram and enjoy t

New whiskey releases you should keep an eye out for
April 19, 2024

On this episode the Brothers talk about a few bottles that will be released soon. We are confident you will want to pick up at least one of these. Eric got to see A.J.s wall of whiskey over the weekend. Needless to say he was shocked but not surprised.

Whiskey Review: Knob Creek Cask Strength Rye Whiskey
April 12, 2024

On todays episode the Brothers taste and review Knob Creek Cask Strength Rye Whiskey. Since Eric is into rye whiskey do you think he's going to love this one? You may be surprised about this whiskey review. Pour yourself a dram and enjoy. TOGETHER W

Countries That Import The Most Whiskey
April 05, 2024

On this episode the Brothers talk about the top 20 countries that import the most whiskey. Do you think your country made this list? If so, at what number? Pour yourself a dram and enjoy the show. Brothers and Sisters, TOGETHER WE DRINK! A.J. sips on Ar

Are you using the correct ice in your whiskey?
March 29, 2024

On this episode A.J. talks about clearing your palate while doing whiskey tastings. The recommended way to do it by a master distiller. Also, the type of ice to use when enjoying a pour. Not all ice is the same and it will affect your flavor profile. La

Six bold twists on classic whiskey cocktails
March 22, 2024

On this episode the Brothers catch up on what they did for St. Patrick's Day. They talk about enjoying Irish whiskey and green beer, of course. If like classic mix drinks you will not want to miss this episode. They cover six twists on classic whiske

Food that goes well and food you should avoid with whiskey
March 15, 2024

On this episode the Brothers finally deliver on their promise. They put together a smorgasbord of different types of snacks and food to pair with bourbon. Some of these are a hit and some are a huge miss. Listen in as they do the hard work for the people