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Blluminations 2024: Blooming into Our Best Selves
January 01, 2024

Hello and Welcome to Blluminations 2024! Thank you for listening and we hope you enjoy our year ahead, You are welcome to write to me at any time with questions, comments, to schedule an interview or invitations! blluminations@gmail.comSupport the Show.#b

Blluminations: The Sprouting Years: Episode #3: Be the Center of Your Own Mandala
December 22, 2022

Welcoming in the sun with this winter solstice 2022 episode! Reflections and shared blluminations of the coming of the light within and without. As the world becomes more illuminated both physically and consciously (which has its' own physicality) we are

Blluminations: The Sprouting Years: Episode #2: Regenerate Soil = Regenerate Life: Saving Soil & Soul
May 05, 2022

Welcome to episode two of Bllumination! Here to bloom your mind with devotion, information, entertainment and interviews about Nature, Consciousness and cultivating World Wild Peace. In this episode I share information and perspective on the regenerative

Blluminations: The Sprouting Years: Episode #1: Nature & Consciousness: Welcome!
April 28, 2022

Welcome to Blluminations! A podcast devoted to bringing you insightful & delightful conversations and interviews about the synergistic relationship between nature, the evolution of consciousness and world wild peace. In this first episode, I discuss o