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John Quain: 'subscription' models popular at CES this year; he has a better idea.
February 15, 2024

Rolling into 2024, John Quain stops by to chat with host Jake Sigal about tech, trends, and services. John is the founder, Editor-in-Chief of and has views on the rising popularity of subscription models as a funding path. His obse

Conversation with folks from Bosch about eBike innovations
November 16, 2023

Jocelyn Vande Velde, of Bosch eBike Systems, and Bosch's Kunal Kapoor chat with host Jake Sigal about innovations in Bosch’s e-bike products and contemplate the company's long-standing corporate philosophy, first stated by founder Robert Bosch in the late

Natalie Draisin:Look globally, act locally for safety solutions
October 12, 2023

FIA Foundation North America Director & United Nations Representative Natalie Draisin stops by The Bike Lane to chat with host Jake Sigal about Vulnerable Road User safety projects, toolkits, and discovering great safety implementations around the wor

Kerri Kauffman: Increase e-bike rider and equipment safety
September 14, 2023

Juiced Bikes's Chief Revenue Officer, Kerri Kauffman, stops by the Bike Lane to chat with host Jake Sigal about e-bikes: Why training and age limits are crucial to safety; how cheap e-bikes can be a hazard and she describes logical steps toward sensible l

Clark Haynes: More data needed on car-bike interactions
August 11, 2023

Velo.AI's CEO Clark Haynes stops by to chat with host Jake Sigal about the important need for more incident ("near-miss") data affecting bicycles and vehicles. Clark also describes his company's sophisticated new product for bicycles that integrates radar

Roger Lanctot: A brief re-examination of automotive, startups, data sharing, and what's to be done.
July 13, 2023

Roger Lanctot returns to The Bike Lane for a lively, wide-ranging chat with host Jake Sigal about startups trying to penetrate the hard automotive bubble (or fail trying), why one large tech operation is the company everyone loves to hate, why every OEM a

Noa Banayan: E-bikes is the fastest growing sector of the bike market
June 08, 2023

People for Bikes' Noa Banayan stops by to chat with Jake about policy successes and how her team's focus largely shifted towards incentives and ways to get e-bikes in the hands of more Americans (and along with those bikes: Helmets, locks, and safety gear

Philip Koopman: AV car companies' on-road testing without safeguards don't have good outcomes
April 27, 2023

Philip Koopman, author, researcher, and Carnegie Mellon University professor, stops by The Bike Lane for a frank chat with host Jake Sigal about why autonomous vehicles' driving is worse than a 16 year old human learning how to drive; how insurance compan

John Quain - A lively chat about transportation
April 13, 2023

John Quain returns to The Bike Lane for a lively, wide-ranging chat with host Jake Sigal about banning e-scooters in urban areas for safety reasons; dangerous e-batteries; the trend to 'return to bicycles'; the need for secure bicycle parking in urban are

Ben Gascoigne, VP PSS: Traffic control devices are essential now and for the foreseeable future
March 02, 2023

Ben Gascoigne stops by The Bike Lane to talk about the PSS engineering and design philosophy employed to make modern traffic control devices that promote roadway work zone safety, temporary traffic control, pedestrian safety, and driver safety. Ben also t