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In Our Words - Series Highlights
August 05, 2022

Episode 1: Radaya Ellis and Sean Lewis - I've made mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. This mistake doesn't define me. I realized at a very young age how I wanted to live. And, you know, I went for it. And I know the safety net, you know, there's nobody. T

Using Creativity to Support Community
May 30, 2022

Rajon Hall talks with Dasha Kelly-Hamilton, a writer, performance artist, curator, facilitator, and owner of Stillwater Collective and Officer KC Brown, a 14-year experienced police officer from Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, as well as the founder of Life Enfor

Become an Entrepreneur by Preparing Yourself and Seeking Mentors
May 30, 2022

On today’s episode, Rajon talks with J.D. Murphy, owner of Mentor Systems located in the Green Bay Area, and Ambrose W.B., a mental performance coach. J.D. has been conducting character development training for 23 years and Ambrose is the owner of MISPIB

Learning to be Your Authentic Self as a Black Woman Entrepreneur
May 25, 2022

Brandi Iberia, owner and CEO of Luminocity Media Group in Milwaukee, and Tasha Greenleaf, proprietor of Urban Cultural Arts in the Green Bay area, are both guests of Rajon’s in this episode. Today’s episode taps into black girl magic and how the arts infl

The Elements For Success
May 23, 2022

Anthony Kazee and Phillip Bennett, join together with Rajon Hall, to discuss how patience, discipline, growth mindset, authenticity, and networking are essential to entrepreneurship and success. This is real. This is authentic. This is In Our Words podc

Lining up your Actions and Words to Reach Your Goals
May 18, 2022

Albert Walker and Bobby Drake share their inspiring stories as black entrepreneurs of Wisconsin. It's inspiring to hear the stories of two black entrepreneurs from Wisconsin. They talk about integrity, faith and mentorship as well their music production s

Business Growth and Sustainability
May 16, 2022

Feel the energy and be inspired by the words of Chris Kimbrough and Walter Matthews, both black entrepreneurs. Together with host Rajon Hall, they talk about business growth, sustainability, networking, setting boundaries, and how entrepreneurs can grow s

Persevering through Adversity to Build a Successful Business
May 11, 2022

In this episode, Rajon Hall talks with Arletta Allen, a government official, national award-winning professional speaker, social influencer, TEDx speaker, and owner of Authentically Arletta, and Samantha Collier, an educator, healer, and advocate. Sharin

Doctors in the Field of Entrepreneurship
May 09, 2022

We've got some special guests today for our listeners. Two doctors join us on this episode to discuss their experience in the realm of entrepreneurship. This is going to be something remarkable. Dr. Monique Liston and Dr. Kadihjia Kelly, both black docto

Entrepreneurship and business ownership experiences
May 02, 2022

In this episode, host Rajon Hall talks with Robin Scott, Executive Director at We All Rise: African American Resource Center in Green Bay and Jamila Riley of Milwaukee, owner of J.Riley, a crochet brand that uses vibrant and unusual accessories, garments,