See You Soon

See You Soon

Latest Episodes

Art and Imposter Syndrome with Claire Kantrow
June 16, 2022

This week Claire and I talk about creating art, dealing with criticism, and finding your community.

Developing with Mary Hondal
June 02, 2022

This week Mary and I explore how we've developed and learned to become kinder, fuller people.

Being Kinder with Sophia Pedriani
May 26, 2022

This week Sophia and I discuss living abroad, making the world a kinder place, and putting yourself out there.

Love and Friendship with Rachel VanderVen
May 19, 2022

Join Rachel and I as we dive into the world of friendship and love.

(12 of) The 36 Questions That Lead to Love with Julia Lewis
May 12, 2022

The wonderful Julia Lewis and I dive deeper into our friendship, aided by the New York Times's 36 Questions That Lead to Love

Taveling and Confidence with Casey Mara
May 05, 2022

Today's episode features the wonderful Casey Mara as she takes us through her first time on a plane and her newfound confidence after moving across the world.

Dating and DM's with Jackie Carroll
April 28, 2022

Join me and the amazing Jackie Carroll and we dive into the world of internet dating and discuss communication in the digital age.