Shaun Winn

Shaun Winn

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Full Interview: Ukrainian Pastor Iaroslav Kibit
August 05, 2022

On todays podcast, I sit down with Pastor Iaroslav Kibit from Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine. Pastor Iarolsav and his church have been providing humanitarian aid to their community as well as surrounding co

Full Interview: Pastor Jeff Copeland, Kingdom Bridges Ministries
July 29, 2022

My guest today is Pastor Jeff Copeland.  Pastor Jeff and his church First Baptist of Robertsdale, Alabama have worked in Moldova and Ukraine for the past 20+ years.  In partnership with his

Full Interview: Iryna and Vitalii Krokhmal
July 22, 2022

Im excited to have Iryna and Vitalii Krokhmal on todays podcast.  Some may remember Iryna from her Fox News Interview with Lori Brown

Full Episode: Pastor Alex Malancea
June 24, 2022

On todays podcast, I sit down with Pastor Alex Malancea from Chișinău, Moldova.  Pastor Alex and his team have been actively involved in the Ukrainian relief efforts since the start of the war. We wil

Full Interview: Pastor Catalin Croitor
June 10, 2022

Today, I sit down with Pastor Catalin Croitor from Suceava, Romania who has been on the frontlines since the war began.  We talk about the initial days at the border rescuing refugees, to his ongoing

Full Interview: Pastor Iosua Faur
June 03, 2022

On todays Podcast: Pastor Iosua Faur shares how his Church in Brăila, Romania is meeting the strategic mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of their Ukrainian guests!

Full Interview: Pastor Dorin Dumitrascu
June 01, 2022

Pastor Dorin and his Church have personally helped over 2000 Ukrainian guests since February 24th. Hear some of the incredible stories Pastor and his team have experienced and hear his perspective on

Interview with Ukrainian Daria Kuterha
April 28, 2022

In this powerful interview, Daria shares her first-hand experience of what it was like leaving her home in Irpin, Ukraine with her Mum and Rescue Cat as the Russian bombs began to fall.