Own the Outcome with Tyler Deveraux

Own the Outcome with Tyler Deveraux

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From Uncertainty to Real Estate Empire with Jessie Rodriguez | Ep. 18
May 15, 2024

In our latest episode, we're joined by Jessie Rodriguez, a resilient figure in real estate who faced tough choices and emerged triumphant. Jessie's journey from college to successful mortgage broker is a testament to resilience, family support,

Create Your Own Story with Emily Ford and Jake Havron | Ep. 17
May 08, 2024

The ultimate power couple, Emily Ford and Jake Havron, join today's episode of Own the Outcome. These two individuals are incredible keynote speakers who share the importance of growth, leadership, faith, and fortitude. They have owned their outcome

Do the Work...Get Rewarded with Michael Zuber | Ep. 16
May 01, 2024

While working as a W2 employee, Michael Zuber built his real estate portfolio to multiple 6-figure businesses. Because of this, he was able to retire by the age 45 and now lives his WHY. Michael is a testament of working hard leads to great rewards! Don&a

How to Scale and GROW with Jason Wojo | Ep. 15
April 24, 2024

Jason Wojo is a 26-year old self-made millionaire, serial entrepreneur, 9-figure advertiser, and owner of his own media company. Jason is a marketing genius and joins Tyler to discuss what strategies have helped him and his company soar. Grab your pen and

Gratitude is the Foundation to Success with Eddie Wilson | Ep. 14
April 17, 2024

Eddie Wilson is the ultimate entrepreneur and takes entrepreneurship to the next level! With 120 different companies under his belt, there's no doubt he possesses the experience and expertise to create remarkable ventures. Eddie has also been through

The Time I Got Fired | Ep. 13
April 10, 2024

I got fired from a job I absolutely loved... But I learned so many valuable lessons from that experience. And I wouldn't be where I am today without going through that. Tune in to today's episode to hear why and I was fired and how I owned it!

Revealing Resilience with Ray Higdon | Ep. 12
April 03, 2024

On this episodes of the Own The Outcome Podcast, Tyler Deveraux interviews Ray Higdon, exploring Ray's upbringing, entrepreneurial journey, and the power of overcoming traumas. They discussed themes of resilience, faith, and self-awareness. Ray emph

Overcoming Narcism with Rebecca Zung | Ep. 11
March 27, 2024

Rebecca Zung is a globally sought after expert in the art of negotiation and high conflict communication. Speaking on platforms worldwide, she is also a bestselling author of several books including, SLAY the Bully:  How to Negotiate with a Narcissist and

Living Out Your Dream with Charlie Rocket | EP. 10
March 20, 2024

Charlie Rocket joins Tyler Deveraux to discuss his journey! Charlie is the ultimate dreamer. But he's also the ultimate action taker. While overcoming some of the hardest parts of his life, he's owned it and has overcome those difficulties. Know

Do Not Fear Mistakes...There Are None with Harry Mack | Ep. 9
March 13, 2024

HARRY MACK joins Tyler Deveraux on this episode of Own the Outcome! Harry Mack is the master of freestyle rapping. His fame grew from his YouTube channel and social media, gaining millions of views! Harry Mack will be joining us at Peak Partnership 2024!