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Crafting Stability in a Co-Parenting Dynamic | 010
April 25, 2024

Join Braden and fellow dad, Neal, as they converse about their experiences as single fathers navigating co-parenting. The dads delve into the technicalities of separation agreements, the need for legal and emotional flexibility, and the role of clear comm

Letting Kids Lead: Understanding the Parental Role in Decision Making | 009
April 18, 2024

Take a dive into fatherhood and supporting children's decision-making processes as Matthew sits down with his guest, Mike.  Matthew shares insights on the significant role of various advisors, including peers, in a child's life, while Mike talks abou

Balancing Parental Impulses: Instinct vs Insight | 008
April 11, 2024

Matthew and Michael candidly explore the emotional challenges of fatherhood. They discuss how negative energy from outbursts can affect a home, the struggle to keep parental control, and the importance of being present with children. Personal stories reve

The Transition into Becoming a Father | 007
April 04, 2024

Join Matthew and Will as they explore the profound journey of transitioning into fatherhood. They share deeply personal experiences, from the emotional whirlwind of childbirth to the redefinition of personal identity that parenting demands. Both dads delv

Building a Strong Parenting Partnership amid Personal Evolution | 006
March 28, 2024

Explore the dynamics of parenting and the importance of communication with dads, Matthew and John. They discuss the challenges of evolving personal identities while managing co-parenting responsibilities, addressing both minor daily disputes and larger is

Breaking the Cycle: Managing, Embracing and Integrating Anger as a Father | 005
March 21, 2024

Anger can be such a confusing emotion for some dads. Matthew and his guest Byron, engage in a candid discussion about anger management in parenting. Matthew shares methods for diffusing anger through play with his child, while Byron considers the benefits

Nurture Strong Bonds with Your Child by Asking Yourself these 4 Questions | 004
March 14, 2024

As a parent, its easy to get stuck in the role of managing our children, or enforcing rules, or generally corralling our kids in one way or another. But what about our relationship with them?Matthew sits down with fellow dad, Jeff, as they delve into the

Overcome Your Objections and Find Strength in Fatherhood Support | 003
March 07, 2024

Whats holding you back from joining a father support group like the Rad Dad Collective?Matthew sits down with fellow dads, Braden and Adrian, to discuss the challenges and fears they faced when considering joining a support group for fathers. After a Cir

Rad Dad Circle Life: Embracing Challenges with Support | 002
March 07, 2024

Have you wondered what a Rad Dad Circle discussion is like?  In this episode we will give you a taste of Circle Life. Engage in a heartfelt discussion about the thrills and challenges of fatherhood as Sean, Matthew, and Braden reflect on their own gr

Power in Community: The Origin of the Rad Dad Collective | 001
March 07, 2024

Welcome to the premier episode of Project Rad Dad!  Your hosts Matthew Sloane, Sean Aiken, and David Stegman delve into the origins of the Rad Dad Collective. Listen in as they share their deeply personal experiences as fathers before the collective