A God Shift Podcast

A God Shift Podcast

The Truth About Abortion and Christianity w/ Dr Ingrid Skop

March 04, 2024

Half of the women receiving abortions are Christians! In this episode of A God Shift, Shayna sits down with special guest Dr. Ingrid Skop, a prominent figure in the pro-life movement. The discussion dives deep into the challenging topic of abortion, offering a scientific, human rights, and spiritual perspective on the matter. Dr. Skop shares valuable insights on the pro-life movement, the ethical and moral considerations surrounding abortion, and the impact of the FDA’s approval of abortion drugs. The conversation also explores the church’s role in addressing this issue, as well as practical steps individuals can take to get involved and make a difference. Tune in for a thought-provoking and informative dialogue on a significant and sensitive subject.

We cover:

–Unknown statistics that must be shared

–Scriptures that support pro-life and why it’s being threatened

–Much more…

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