A God Shift Podcast

A God Shift Podcast

Protecting Christian Values at the Polls w/ Debbie Wuthnow

February 19, 2024

In this special episode, host Shayna Rattler is joined by guest Debbie Wuthnow, the president of iVoterGuide, to discuss the importance of upholding Christian values in the political landscape. The conversation delves into the significance of the ongoing presidential election year and the influence it holds for Christians. Debbie sheds light on the role of iVoterGuide, a powerful online tool designed to empower voters by providing personalized, data-driven information on candidates at various levels of government. The episode outlines the key factors Christian voters should consider when making informed decisions, presenting a timely and informative discussion to equip and inspire listeners. Tune in for valuable insights and practical guidance on navigating the complex world of politics through a Christian lens.

We cover:

–The real reason we select a candidate

–What to take into consideration when evaluating a candidate

–Are the candidates REALLY the lesser of 2 evils

–Tools to help you evaluate candidates

–Much more…

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