Hour Of Decision

Hour Of Decision

Episode 33 Hour of Decision: The Deep State, the Media, and a coup against Biden

June 29, 2024

Lew reacts to the evident coup against Biden that was obviously pre-planned and launched within minutes of the opening of the debate between Joe Biden and Trump. After years of censoring any negative comment against Biden, suddenly EVERYONE on CNN, MSNBC, Politico, etc agree that Biden is not capable of running against Trump.

Unfortunately, we can’t just look at the political horse race. The corporate media is now telling us, indirectly, that THEY and their masters were deliberately covering up Biden’s lack of competency as our Commander in Chief. Their public acknowledgement of Biden’s deficiencies places America in a national security crisis. Those in power around Biden, and the news media, are culpable.

Lew briefly traces the history of the American news media. The centralization of news sources by the Establishment had occurred successfully in the 20th Century. It fell apart after the internet and social media arrived on the scene in the last two decades. Today Americans seem to be living in two different worlds created by two very different kinds of news providers. One of those “worlds” is populated by consumers of “mainstream” news sources who were not given the information that Biden’s cognitive abilities are heading south.

Finally, the Deep State is flexing its power dramatically and pulling the legs out from under the Joe Biden presidency in real time. This is one more part of their desperate bid to keep Donald Trump out of the White House. And Kamala Harris had better watch out. It’s obvious she does not fit into their future plans either. Removing her first creates the same situation that occurred in the Nixon crisis. In that case Vice President Agnew was removed first, allowing the perpetrators to move the person into position they want to have take the reigns before the primary target is jettisoned.