Hour Of Decision

Hour Of Decision

Episode 29 Hour of Decision: Three key populist issues, trade, immigration, and “endless” war(s)

June 20, 2024

In this episode Lew takes a look at three key populist issues all related to the sovereignty of the United States, to the globalist project, and to the question of finding authenticity in political candidates. The establishments of both political parties have supported the globalist trade regime, a soft attitude toward illegal immigration and expansion of legal immigration, and very costly overseas incursions that provided no benefit to the United States.

It was this issue set that ignited populist, America First rebellion within the GOP, first with Pat Buchanan, then with Ron Paul, and finally with Donald Trump. Trump has been key to changing the views of a majority of GOP voters on these issues, and the talking points, sincere or not, of many GOP candidates.

The globalist project to deindustrialize the U.S., swamp our population with foreigners, and diminish our strength in overseas conflicts is being met head on by strenuous nationalist resistance galvanized around the miraculous 2024 candidacy of Donald Trump. The hour is late, but the chance for victory has increased dramatically in these last few years.