Hour Of Decision

Hour Of Decision

Hour of Decision Episode 22: Boiling the Frog: Fabian Socialists in America, Pt. 2

April 26, 2024

In Part 2 of Fabian Socialists in America, Lew discusses the process of the gradual road to communism. The revolution business is a game for the super-rich. The patience needed for a generational plan to take total power is discussed, as is the continual relationship of big business with communist nations. A gradual process has one real advantage, many people don’t think its even going on. Growing government is sold to the people as the best means to solve problems. But the record is clear, growing government consolidates power, and actually makes problems worse.

Too many people in public life, and in corporate America, are happy to be controlled, if it’s by the powerful. They are single focused on the amoral pursuit of “climbing up the greasy poll.”

The USSR at the end of WWII preferred using parliamentary methods to consolidate communist power in Eastern Europe, even while citizens there were surrounded by tanks.

Populist moments happen when ordinary people notice the establishment is not working in their best interest. The Fabians acted out of character with their hysterical reactions to Joe McCarthy and Barry Goldwater.

Elite reaction to the presidency of Donald Trump and the unmediated, widespread communication afforded by the internet may be bringing the gradual, Fabian strategy for total power to an end. Lawfare, the covid tyranny,  constant use of the pre-dawn police raid, the increased lawlessness of the executive branch, the aggressive moves to completely compromise our elections, the undisguised propaganda push in public schools, and new hostility toward the 1st Amendment signal the coming of a new, more overt strategy for the total state. New technologies of many types will undoubtedly be used to achieve “socialism as dreamed of by Karl Marx,” whether the process continues to be gradual, or if its dramatically accelerated.

It’s midnight in America, and this is Hour of Decision. More people are seeing what is happening. But will they fight? If they do, the God who intervened to inspire the Constitution and protect this nation from the world’s tyrants will be there once again for patriots in the modern struggle.