Hour Of Decision

Hour Of Decision

Hour of Decision Episode 18: Christ Is King

March 31, 2024

Lew discusses the controversy around Candace Owens and her recent tweet that simply stated “Christ Is King.” Topics raised in the discussion include the opening of the Overton Window to include the term “nationalism,” and the unconstitutional status of any “foreign aid,” including to Israel. Lew links the attacks on the 1st Amendment overseas and at home through lawfare, with inflicting reputational harm by branding someone as an “anti-semite.”

He also discusses dangerous new legislation that has passed in red states that makes historical interpretation and interest group biases the basis of law. Lew concludes with a plea for America to return to its Christian roots, and to defend the 1st Amendment at all costs. Finally, he states his admiration for the courage of Candace Owens and the manifest truth that Christ, indeed, IS KING.

Candace Owens debates Rabbi Barclay

“Let’s Be Honest, Candace Owens is a Jew-Hating Bigot,” by Rabbi Michael Barclay