Zero Credit(s)

Zero Credit(s)

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Episode 152: Everything is Fine in This Normal Episode Brought to You by
October 04, 2019 brings us a very normal episode with content that is typical for our show. You know, normal things. Like shipping and stamps and THE SKELETON LAKE.

Episode 151: Things Get a Little TwIsTeD AKA A Joker’s Twisted Trick
September 27, 2019

Henry and John get a little TwIsTeD when society provides the jokes. Also impeachment and dem Emmy's.

Episode 150: Too Lazy for a Clip Show…
September 20, 2019

It's the 150th episode of Zero Credit(s) and the rum here flows like water. So... uh, thanks for listening and buckle up.

Episode 149: Texas on the Brink of Disaster (Bonus)
September 06, 2019

Henry and John use a robot to make jokes. Also discussed: New Texas laws, Fast and Furious, and Bowl vs Bull.

Episode 148: The Flamin’ Hot Episode
August 30, 2019

Henry and John discuss Disney+, The Flamin' Hot Cheetos Movie, and Pete Holmes in this week's episode of Zero Credit(s)!

Episode 147: Tooth Tales of Yakuza Spiderman
August 23, 2019

Henry and John talk about teeth, the Yakuza, and Spider-Man. Yeah. Pretty straightforward this week.

Episode 146: Jack Thompson 2: Re-jack’d
August 16, 2019

Henry and John discuss some of the worse things happening in politics right now. Because they're big enough to talk about.

Supplemental Reading: Fast and Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw
August 09, 2019

John and Henry team up once again to take on the FFCU, this time in a spin off that seemingly hits all the right notes. Maybe? Eh, let's just enjoy the ride.

Episode 145: Ultimate Wacky Death Races
August 01, 2019

Bad Henry and Normal John pre-tackle the FFCU's Hobbs and Shaw while pitching equally important car-related movies that NEED to happen. Also, there's some good stuff here about movie criticism.

Episode 144: A Bad Show aka The Marvels of Madness
July 26, 2019

Henry and John present to you, dear fams: A Bad Show, featuring Comic Con and Fast and the Furious news.